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Who We Are

GMPS is a non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to investigating, documenting and sharing information about paranormal activity in and around the Greater Moncton area.  Our mission is to offer education and assistance to help others better understand their own and others’ paranormal experiences.  We also aim to provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment where members can share their paranormal stories. 

What's new with GMPS??

The EVIDENCE IS REVEALED!! Earlier this summer, the GMPS investigation team had the honor of spending a COMPLETE night in the Charlotte County Gaol, in St-Andrews, New Brunswick.  It was a VERY strange night, with many happenings and extremely creepy experiences...  In the spirit of the Halloween season, we present you with the STORY AND EVIDENCE delivered in the final report of this public investigation:


“If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, you mustn't seek to show that no crows are; it is enough if you prove one single crow to be white.

- William James

Do You Have a Request?

Any requests for paranormal investigations or questions for the GMPS Committee must be directed by email to  Thank you for your inquiry and interest, we will contact you as soon as possible.